Heavy maintenance & checks

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Phoenix aircraft services

We provide heavy and scheduled maintenance services, conveniently located at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Our facility is capable of handling A Checks through C Checks. We also have an interior department that can perform repairs and refurbishing, on both regional and corporate aircraft.

Heavy Checks

In-depth, meticulous maintenance for your aircraft, addressing critical components and structural elements to ensure peak performance.

Scheduled Maintenance

Providing regular care for your aircraft, proactively addressing wear and tear to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Interior Refurbishing

Our interior refurbishing services revitalize your aircraft’s cabin to enhance passenger comfort and elevate aesthetics.

Engine R&R

Our engine R&R services expertly handle the removal and reinstallation of your aircraft’s engines and LRUs.

Landing Gear R&R

Our gear R&R services ensure precise disassembly  and installation of your aircraft’s undercarriage.

SBs and ADs Complicance

Aerocheck is always prepared to comply with SBs and ADs as required to ensure your aircraft’s safety.

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Our location

33.42605, -112.02473

Call: 602-909-7857

2710 E Old Tower Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

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